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I like to be creative and am well-versed in using:

I try to learn new things all the time in order to help me appreciate and produce better graphic design media.

Last year, I received a Wacom tablet from my family and I have been having a blast creating media with it.

Here are some examples of media that I have created for different purposes:


Clubs and Organizations

  • Giles Dorm Bench Painting Contest – Duke freshman dorms have an annual bench-painting contest, and I designed and painted the winning one! If you visit Duke’s campus, you can see lots of big, huge benches that belong to a specific living group or dorm. When we beat UNC at men’s basketball, we burn these benches in a large fire pit on Main Quad on West Campus. I was lucky enough to live in a really tight-knit freshman dorm. A good third of us “tented” and got to see the 2010 National Championship team crush UNC. My design was based off of a photo that we all took in Cameron Indoor during an earlier game that season.
Our award-winning Giles bench!

Our award-winning Giles bench!

The inspiration behind the bench

The inspiration behind the bench



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